Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Night Request Rock

In case you missed the year end show a couple weeks ago, here are the most requested songs for 2013 based on your 1500+ requests:

Top Ten

1.  Black Label Society          "Blessed Hellride"
2.  Slipknot                            "Snuff"
3.  Five Finger Death Punch   "Under and Over It"
4.  Slayer                               "Disciple"
5.  Deftones                           "Change"
6.  Five Finger Death Punch   "The Way of the Fist"
7.  Pantera                             "Walk"
8.  Sepultura                          "Roots Bloody Roots"
9.  Kittie                                "Cut Throat"
10.  Korn                              "Blind"

Honorable Mentions

Lamb of God                         "Redneck"
Killswitch Engage                   "End of Heartache"
Otep                                      "Numb & Dumb"
Marilyn Manson                     "Dope Show"
Drowning Pool                       "Bodies"
Motograder                           "Down"
Times of Grace                      "Hymn of a Broken Man"
Helmet                                   "Unsung"
Metallica                                "Jump in the Fire"
Anthrax                                  "Be All End All"
Megadeth                               "Peace Sells"
Rob Zombie                           "Boogie Man"
Queensryche                          "Revolution Calling"
Britny Fox                              "Rock n Roll Revolution"
Ozzy                                      "Suicide Solution"
Black Sabbath                        "Sweet Leaf"
Kiss                                        "Calling Dr. Love"

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Friday Night Request Rock

Most Requested Songs of 2012

1.  Pantera  "This Love"
2.  Pantera  "5 Minutes Alone"
3.  Five Finger Death Punch  "The Devil's Own"
4.  Slipknot  "Wait and Bleed"
5.  Black Label Society  "The Blessed Hellride"
6.  Five Finger Death Punch  "Under and Over It"
7.  Slayer  "Disciple"
8.  Pantera  "Walk"
9.  Korn  "Narcissistic Cannibal"
10.  Megadeth  "Peace Sells"

Honorable Mentions:

Otep  "Drunk on the blood of saints"
Marilyn Manson  "The Beautiful People"
Drowning Pool  "Bodies"
Guns n' Roses  "Rocket Queen"
Primus  "Jerry was a race car driver"
Tool  "Sober"
Atreyu  "This Flesh a Tomb"
Deftones  "Passenger"
Hatebreed  "I will be heard"
Hell Yeah  "Alcoholin Ass"
Kingdom of Sorrow  "Behind the Blackest Tears"
System of a Down  "Prison Song"
Suicidal Tendencies  "You Can't Bring Me Down"
Kittie  "Cut Throat"
Metallica  "Battery"